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We have a booth at the annual City of Yucaipa Music and Arts Festival. This event will be held May 7-8, 2021.
Vendors for 2021

Educational programs in geology, paleontology, archaeology, Native Americans, local history, flint knapping. Sells hand-made modern arrowheads and hafted bi-faces, meteorites, rocks, modern blacksmith items, jewelry.  


OSTOK MAPEME (Salvador Ramirez,  Altadena)
Specializes in calcite minerals, selenite, fluorite, aragonite, onyx, plus other lapidary rough and finished goods.  


TOURMALINE SOURCE (Christy Callens, Riverside)
Natural tourmaline rough and crystals, and jewelry. Also sell zircons, garnet and rare gemstone jewelry.  


AMBER GIFTS (Audrone Kazlauskene, Santa Monica)
Specializes in wire-wrapping, beading, cabbing and silversmiting jewelry.  


ALIEN ROCKS & MINERALS ( James Burnham, Yucaipa)
Rough and cut/polished common, uncommon, and rare mineral specimens collected locally and imported from around the world.


JCR MINERALS (Justin Stockton, Redlands)
Custom jewelry with precious stones and set in 935 (Argentum) silver,  crystals (amethyst, citrine, quartz. ect) black tourmaline, slabs, cabs, specimen pieces and  Russian materials (elite shungite, charoite, chromediopside) .  


SCOTT'S GEM, MINERAL & FOSSIL (Scott and Lisa Cavin, Susanville)
Amateur rock hounds who have turned their Specializing in various types of minerals, crystals and fossils.


ROCK GEEKS ( John Frey, Murrieta)
Specializes in fossils, local and California minerals including tourmalines and beryls, custom jewelry, and polished material.


NATURES LITTLE STONE (Kaihua Wen, Fontana)
Minerals including Tibet crystals, Mongolia Gobi Stone, Vietnam Tourmaline, Chinese Fluorite, and other minerals specimen.   


CRYSTAL RAPTURE (Sabrina Keep, Los Angeles)
Crystal quartz (rose amethyst, clear), fluorite and black tourmaline, megladon shark teeth other fossils, crystal rings and other jewelry and nice specimens.


Beads and tools for the beader.  Many types of specialty beads of various sizes and shapes.   

Donors for 2021

Rio Grande Jewelry Supply (Albuquerque, NM)
Two $50 gift certificates

Raytech Industries (Middletown, CT)

Vibrating tumbler

Kingsley North (Norway, MI)

Tumbler, two hammers, pocket scale

Fire Mountain Gems (Grants Pass, OR)

Three books

Otto Frei (Oakland, CA)

$50 gift certificate

Covington (Meridian, ID)