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Field Trips

Field trips are held monthly, and can be collecting trips, educational trips (both in the field and/or to local museums), or simply to another club's show. Many times, we join with other clubs to share experiences. For many, going on a field trip is the joy of getting out and enjoying nature. Some field trips will include natural wonders and historical sites along with rock hounding.

YVGMS members and non-members are welcome to join us on any field trip, provided that everyone signs a waiver prior to beginning the trip. Anyone under 18 must have a guardian on the trip who signs the waiver. To sign up for a field trip, use the link below. Please make sure to include your name, telephone number, and any message to the trip organizer.

Upcoming field trips will be shown below and on our calendar. An occasional trip may get added at the last minute. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please notify the field trip chairman. Please note: if there are not enough participants or the weather is bad, the trip may be cancelled.

Future Field Trips

Unfortunately there are no planned fieldtrips at this time.
Please Visit again later, or if you wish to co-ordinate a fieldtrip with us, please contact us at...

You can view previous Fieldtrips on our Past Fieldtrips page.

Member interested in volunteering?
The position of Fieldtrip Coordinator is currently open, and we would appreciate the help.

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